The translation sales handbook-A roadmap to higher rates, better clients

By: Luke Spear

Categories: Getting started, Translation

From the book description:
Proven strategies to find new and higher-paying clients, and to convert existing clients to higher-payers

No doubt you've experienced your next project arriving minutes after the last. As the last few weeks of non-stop project requests continue, you wonder when you will be able to actually stop and breathe for a minute. This treadmill of projects makes you a living, but leaves you no time to live. It's enough to smother a business; or at least the person running it.

If you had a plan to streamline your business, to continually improve the rates and deadlines of these projects as the months went by, you could start to look forward to spending more time living and less time working. This book offers a whole approach, a roadmap, to put you on that path.