How the job system works

A simple explanation of how language jobs are passed through the job system.

1. An outsourcer posts a translation or interpreting job

The job posting includes language pairs, project details, quoting deadline, etc. The job poster also has the option of imposing certain restrictions on the job such as native language, location, and more.

It is free to post a job at

2. Interested language professionals express interest in the job

Those who are interested in the job and meet the job restrictions (if any,) may submit quotes to the poster.

3. Outsourcer chooses a service provider and contacts them directly

After some quotes have been received, the outsourcer may then choose one or more service providers for the job and contact them directly. does not charge any commision.

4. Feedback is optionally left after the work is complete

After the work is completed, the job poster and service provider may leave feedback for each other.*

*Service provider must allow feedback via their profile.

For more information on the job system, please check the FAQ.