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Romanian to English tradiktè ak entèprèt » General fields

Romanian to English Tech/Engineering tradiktè (872)
Romanian to English Art/Literary tradiktè (2697)
Romanian to English Medical tradiktè (2417)
Romanian to English Law/Patents tradiktè (13450)
Romanian to English Science tradiktè (1)
Romanian to English Bus/Financial tradiktè (1372)
Romanian to English Marketing tradiktè (1697)
Romanian to English Other tradiktè (3153)
Romanian to English Social Sciences tradiktè (1884)

Romanian to English tradiktè ak entèprèt » Specific fields

Romanian to English tradiktè: Accounting
Romanian to English tradiktè: Advertising / Public Relations (1599)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (218)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Agriculture (398)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (147)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Anthropology (253)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Archaeology (172)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Architecture (304)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
Romanian to English tradiktè: Astronomy & Space (125)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Finance (general)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Automation & Robotics
Romanian to English tradiktè: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
Romanian to English tradiktè: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Botany
Romanian to English tradiktè: Construction / Civil Engineering
Romanian to English tradiktè: Business/Commerce (general)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (223)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1135)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
Romanian to English tradiktè: Poetry & Literature (1569)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
Romanian to English tradiktè: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion (656)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Telecom(munications)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Computers (general) (1164)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Computers: Hardware (478)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Computers: Software (782)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Computers: Systems, Networks
Romanian to English tradiktè: Law: Contract(s)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Cooking / Culinary
Romanian to English tradiktè: Cosmetics, Beauty (701)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Medical: Dentistry (276)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Media / Multimedia (965)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Economics (1292)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Education / Pedagogy (1664)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Electronics / Elect Eng
Romanian to English tradiktè: Energy / Power Generation (406)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Engineering (general) (814)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Engineering: Industrial
Romanian to English tradiktè: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (584)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Nuclear Eng/Sci (117)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Environment & Ecology (746)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Esoteric practices
Romanian to English tradiktè: Fisheries (68)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Folklore
Romanian to English tradiktè: Food & Drink (681)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Forestry / Wood / Timber (202)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Furniture / Household Appliances
Romanian to English tradiktè: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
Romanian to English tradiktè: Mining & Minerals / Gems (64)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Genealogy (57)
Romanian to English tradiktè: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (1403)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Genetics
Romanian to English tradiktè: Geography (342)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Geology (107)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Government / Politics (1032)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (301)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Medical: Health Care (689)
Romanian to English tradiktè: History
Romanian to English tradiktè: Tourism & Travel
Romanian to English tradiktè: Human Resources
Romanian to English tradiktè: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
Romanian to English tradiktè: Insurance (465)
Romanian to English tradiktè: International Org/Dev/Coop (538)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Internet, e-Commerce
Romanian to English tradiktè: Investment / Securities
Romanian to English tradiktè: Metallurgy / Casting
Romanian to English tradiktè: IT (Information Technology)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Journalism (870)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Real Estate (530)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Law (general) (1554)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (650)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Law: Taxation & Customs
Romanian to English tradiktè: Linguistics
Romanian to English tradiktè: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
Romanian to English tradiktè: Management (935)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Manufacturing (294)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
Romanian to English tradiktè: Marketing / Market Research (1051)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Mathematics & Statistics (188)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Medical (general)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Medical: Cardiology (218)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Medical: Instruments
Romanian to English tradiktè: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (542)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Meteorology (34)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Metrology
Romanian to English tradiktè: Military / Defense (218)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Music (474)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Names (personal, company) (210)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Nutrition (369)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Petroleum Eng/Sci (251)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Other
Romanian to English tradiktè: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (74)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Patents
Romanian to English tradiktè: Philosophy
Romanian to English tradiktè: Physics
Romanian to English tradiktè: Printing & Publishing (335)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Psychology (597)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Religion
Romanian to English tradiktè: Retail (229)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Safety
Romanian to English tradiktè: SAP (88)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Science (general)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Slang (144)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
Romanian to English tradiktè: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
Romanian to English tradiktè: Surveying
Romanian to English tradiktè: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (129)
Romanian to English tradiktè: Zoology (159)

Romanian to English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Claudia Coja
  Not word for word, but SENSE for SENSE.
Engineering, science, construction, sales, mechanical, automotive, specifications, robots, automation, controls, computers, software, torque, tender, bid, engineering data, fuel, efficiency, technology, electrical, lighting, displacement, transport, shipment, shipping, tracking, contract, addendum, product data, shop drawings, electronics, machinery, technical, environment, commissioning, testing, construction documents, oil &gas, ecology, standardization, compliance, home improvement, tools, landscape, interior design, housing, hydro-technical, water, waste, sewage, treatment plants, utilities, instructions, leaflets, catalogs, brochures, medical devices, industrial tools, tender documentation, website localization, school certificates, Degrees and Diplomas, Affidavits, Criminal records, Divorce decrees, Powers of attorney, Sworn translations, sworn interpreting, Research projects, Academic and Scientific articles, English to Romanian Legal Translations, Technical Translations, Medica ... Romanian
1853 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Ioana Costache
  Clinical trials, legal, HR
English, Romanian, translation, editing, business law, contract law, market research, pharma, pharmaceuticals, EMA submissions, PIL, SPC, SmPC, Linguistics, engleza, romana, traducere, traduceri, engleza juridica, contracte, cercetare de piata, farma, farmaceutice, Agentia Europeana pentru Medicamente, Agenţia Europeană pentru Medicamente, European Medicines Agency, EMA, prospecte, lingvistica, filologie, roumain, anglais, traduction, localizare, localization, clinical trial, studiu clinic, studii clinice, linguistic validation, validare, quality assurance, HR policy, business ethics, code of conduct, compliance, compliance training, privacy policy, data protection, EULA, cookie policy, confidentiality policy, Safety data sheet, SDS, MSDS, REACH, fisa date securitate, fişă cu date de securitate, consimtamant informat, consimţământ informat, QRD, rezumatul caracteristicilor produsului, prospect, medical writing, medical writer, EMWA, medical devices, dispozitive medicale, instructions f ... Romanian
434 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   nelly matthews
  15 years experience legal translations
legal, law, birth certificate, diploma, medical, vendor, Management, CV, licence, contracts, marriage certificate, film, cinema, tv, drama, education, internet, computer, email, letters, official documents, new zealand, romania, tourism, Economics, social sciences, sociology, commerce, technical, legal, birth certificate, books, academic record, government, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, patient leaflet, summary of product characteristics, life sciences, clinical trials, patient documents, medical translation, PDF ... Romanian/English
New Zealand
70 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Adriana Iotcov
  IT, gaming, fashion, business
Romanian, fashion translations, IT translations, website localization, software localization, app localization, mobile game localization, market research, marketing, Romanian translations, traducciones rumano, traducciones ingles, traductor rumano, Romanian translator ... Romanian
71 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Natalia Conovca
  Translator and Conference Interpreter!
high quality, affordable rates, finance, legal, medicine, sworn translation, Sworn Translator, Sworn Interpreter, SDL Trados Studio, Romanian, Russian, conference interpreter, marketing, business, communication, Moldova, audit, Intart Design, interpretations, profesional translator, Audit, traduceri profesioniste, calitate, Natalia Conovca, Intart Design, traducator profesionist, переводчик, Молдавия, Chisinau, traduceri, traducator autorizat, engleza, Authorisation, Ministry of Justice, Moldova ... Romanian
32 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Alexandru Tanase
  Over 14 years of translation experience
Romanian, life sciences, law, legal, commercial, medical, oil, gas, petroleum, industry, technical, business, financial, banking, Insurances, clinical trials ... Romanian
0 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Mihaela Petrican
  Medical,Pharmaceutical & IT Translations
Romanian medical translator, medical translator, Medical doctor, MD, Romanian medical translations, Romanian medical proofreader, Romanian medical editor, Romanian pharmaceutical translator, English Romanian translator, Italian Romanian translator, Romanian Italian translator, medicine, medical articles, medical documents, medical review articles, scientific review articles, scientific articles, medical website pages, medical website, website localisation, SDL Trados, biotech Patents translator, medical instruments, medical devices, pharmacology, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology translations, informed consent, clinical trials, clinical trial translations, clinical protocols, clinical protocol translations, medical surveys, medical records, medical research, medical products, diagnostic equipments, medical equipment manual, medical equipment translation, medical equipment translations, medical equipment translator, chemical translations, material Safety data sheets, Safety data sheets, MSD ... Romanian
1442 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   adami
  flawless English, professionalism, style
art, literature, literary, Philosophy, theory, theoretical, poetry, Linguistics, Religion, religious, publishing, book, article, quick, law, legal, it, computer, international, commerce, medicine, medical, technical, electronic, manual, social, political, science, website, subtitle, subtitling, film, Journalism, academic, children, editing, proofreading, Romanian, Bucharest ... Romanian/English
896 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Sandra& Kenneth
  Quality, Reliability, Experience.
environmental, road-building, water purification, construction, company procedures, technical specifications, bidding documents, tenders, test reports, contracts, proposals, RFP, financial, business, computers, IT, Telecom(munications), traduceri tehnice, contracte, engineering, software, quality, translator, translators, translation, traducator engleza translate, legal business, contract, contrat, logistics, agreement, into English, US English, American English, professional, experienced, experience, expérience, law, affordable, specializes, reliable, accurate, expert, linguist, terminology, contracts, français, francais, anglais, bilingual, software, specifications, terms, conditions, report, reports, into English, Romanian into English, French into English, quality control, Hebrew ... English/Romanian
1014 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Peter Shortall
  Legal / EU / Business
EU, business, legal, human rights, international development, UNESCO, ECHR, Journalism, news, History, Archaeology, sport, Linguistics, ice skating ... English
United Kingdom
630 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   meirs
  Fast and accurate
English, Hebrew, Romanian, localization, translation ... Hebrew/Romanian
607 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   LaraBarnett
Translation, inglese, italiano, francais, English to English, French to English, , Italian to English, Romanian to English, film and TV sets, cinema, books, novels, tourism, media, movie, script, screenplay, editing, expert, travel, art, books, film script, video script, narrative, characters, Italian film translation, translation for film production, film, video, promotional film, film translator, voice over artist ... English
United Kingdom
376 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Cristina C.
  Games, Software, Websites, Apps
computers, technology, software, localization, games ... Romanian
601 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Radu DANAILA
  Not just words!
engineering, technology, mechanics, robotics, electronics, nuclear, finance, Accounting, automotive, law-contracts, Management, Manufacturing, Economics, marketing and commercial (contracts), computers, software, transport, business, commerce, advertising, mathematics, science, translation, proofreading. ... Romanian
493 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   anamaria bulgariu
  High thoughts must have high language.
IT, literary translations, Accounting, technical, construction equipment, legal documents, law, proofreading, Romanian Highway code translated in English, fiscal legislation, English, Romanian, French, translation, conference interpreting, proofreading, editing, business law, contract law, human rights, EU, marketing, market research, Meteorology, weather reporting, pharma, Linguistics, philology, fiction, poetry, nonfiction, travel guide, travel guides, tourism, traducere, traduceri, corectura, revizie, engleza de afaceri, engleza juridica, administratie, drept administrativ, contracte, UE, Uniunea Europeana, farmaceutice, lingvistica, filologie, literatura, beletristica, proza, poezie, ghid turistic, ghiduri turistice, turism, traductor, títulos, registro sanitario productos, rumano español, traducción, traductor jurado, matrícula, expediente académico en rumano ... Romanian
456 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Mihaela Sinca
  15 years of professional translation
finances-banking, contract law, IT, medical, environment, political; engineering; sciences, EU institutions and policies, subtitling, voice-over, Trados, SDLX, Transit, Catalyst ... Romanian
477 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Simona Pop
General Law, Contracts, Taxes, Business, Commerce, Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, Marketing, Advertising, Education/Pedagogy, Psychology, Religion. ... Romanian/Hungarian
467 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Chris Hughes
  Languages are a passion
Advertising, commercial, legal, drug trials, government, education, translation, consecutive interpreting, language tuition ... English
United Kingdom
8 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Mary Stefan
  Legal - Financial - Business
italian, English, Romanian, legal, business, Accounting, proofreading, tourism, Real Estate, banking, united states, law, litigation, lawsuit, tax police, Insurance, fiscal, translation, divorce, documents, corporation, civil law, procedures, legal, company, corporation, LLC, S-corporation, C-corporation, court of law, taxes, IRS, globalization, languages, legal procedures, IRS, taxes ... English/Romanian
United States
96 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Anthony Gething
  Fast & Reliable
Automotive, Banking, Software, Commercial, Marketing, Legal, Medicine ... English
United Kingdom
0 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   TechLawDC
  Subject expert wins cases for you.
engineering, law, biology, pharmacology, toxicology, medicine, Accounting, finance, securities, Telecom(munications), solid state devices, military ... English
United States
151 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Cristina Moldovan do Amaral
  Fast, Reliable, Certified
cosmetology, medicine, film, Music, tennis, business, documentary, History, immigration, legal, certified, ATA, Romanian, English, German, editing, SDL, TRADOS, Meta Texis, Transit, proofreading, interpreting, translating, law, Romania, Austria, Iran, USA, tourism, hotel industry, Arizona, Österreich, Deutschland, Übersetzungen, Wirtschaft, technische Übersetzungen, Medizin, traduceri legalizate, medicina, economie, traducator autorizat al Ministerului de Justitie, documente, Kosmetik, turism, germana, romana, engleza, persana, Recht, Wien, Tucson, diplome, migration, contracts, legal documents, diplomas, certificates, Phoenix, depositions, court, fast, urgent, rapid, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New ... Romanian
United States
355 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Elizabeth Rudin
  Medical/Legal/EU translations
Hungarian, Romanian, English, medical translator, medical translations, medical, pharmaceutical, cardiology, clinical studies, clinical trials, research, reports, protocols, hospital discharge summaries, postmortem reports, CRO contracts, PILs, PICs, SPCs, drug registration, EMEA compliance, legal, law, contracts, legislation, EU, international relations, translation, revision, back-translation, proof-reading, verification ... Hungarian/Romanian
United Kingdom
360 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Irina Adams
  ATA Voting Member - 17 years experience
Romanian, English, Translator, voice over, over 10 years experience, return projects in no time, fast, reliable, law, business, marketing, technology, IT, Romaneste, lege, 10 ani experienta, zece ani experienta, raduceri, voci, vocile, Mutarjim in Urdu, traducător (male)/traducătoare (female), tłumacz (male), tłumaczka (female), mütercim, cevirmen, tercüman, Prevodilac (Latin), Преводилац (Cyrillic), oversetter, Bāsha Parivarthaka, переводчик, переводчица, Iwwersetzer, Iwwersetzerin, traducteur, traductrice, 翻译, 译者, 翻译人。, นักแปล, fordító, 'cyfieithydd', pl. 'cyfieithwyr', translation, Romanian, English to Romanian translation, translator, Romanian translator, IT, computer, computers, technical, legal, sworn, Linguistics, Romanian, native, document, documents, localization, web site, automotive, games, game, PC, business, software, certificate, diploma, DVD, manual, manuals, transcript, cinema, TV, film, subtitles, mechanics, engineering, traducere, traduceri, engleza, romana, autorizat ... English/Romanian
United States
108 points
Romanian to English
Identity Verified   Ciprian Patrascu
  Native MD, TRADOS, 12-years experience
medicine, cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, neurology, nephrology, ENT, orthopedy, surgery, anesthesiology, gastroenterology, equipment, clinical trials, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, scientific & medical (journal) articles, doctoral theses, patient reports & consent forms, patient information leaflets, disability, determination, instruction, manuals, books, documentaries, drug leaflets, PhD, Terminology verification, Romanian, informed consent, doctor, MD, M.D., Ciprian Patrascu, health, rehabilitation, therapy, physiOtherapy, rheumatology, alternative medicine, Psychology, psychOtherapy, neuroPsychology, preventive medicine, health care, computer presentations, case reports, clinical protocols, medical texts reviewing, reviewer, proofreading, proof reading, MSDS, MSDSs translation translations Romanian English ... Romanian
295 points
Romanian to English
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