Fool’s Walk:

By: Pritam Bhattacharyya

Categories: Business, Getting started, IT, Translation

The book is an unvarnished and true story – narrated by two entrepreneurs from India. Pritam is from Translation industry and Sushobhan is from IT industry. Both became first generation entrepreneurs after leaving their matured corporate career. This decision to leave a relatively secured corporate job and to start an enterprise fraught with immense risk made them ‘fools’ in the invisible eyes by which any society in general validates its members. Hence the choice of the title and also the decision to publish the book on 1st April of this year, which we consider to be the fittest day to be called Entrepreneur’s Day.
If you are looking for a rags-to-riches miracle story or fabulous (and fable like) and spine-chilling business success in a very short time, this book is not for you. But if you are a sane, balanced and sober person, the book will tell you, as candidly and honestly as possible the intense joy and the equally intense anxiety encountered in the journey with all the telescopic and microscopic details.
If you want to start an enterprise, or want to transform your business from a one-person enterprise to a multi-employee business organization, this book will be a good friend whom you shall continue to remember as you move along. As for the title of the book, if failures are the pillars of success, stories from articulate and candid fools can be trusted to be the pillars of intelligent achievers.

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