In-person translator training advertisement

Advertising and marketing options for those conducting in-person training to reach the largest community of translation professionals.

You can hire one of the options below:

Basic Listing $50.00 USD per training session (see below for large volume discounts)
  • Training sessions will be published on & on the homepage for users in your training area ( home page receives from 36,000 to 50,000 visits daily).
  • You can include a direct link to your website.
  • staff WILL NOT provide support to potential attendees to the published training session with registration, payment, or be involved in any other aspect regarding the organization of the sessions.
  • No emails or additional promotion will be included in basic listing service.
  • will not provide registration or purchase options at the training page.
  • Training will be marked as being provided by 3rd party.
  • No cancellation or refunds, pre-payment required.

Advanced Marketing package
  • Email promotion targeted by language or location will be available at a $0.05 - $0.035 per mail price. Price will depend on volume. A minimum of 5,000 emails must be hired.
  • Must have purchased a Basic Listing (see above).
  • Training sessions will be included in Mid-Month Training Newsletter & Promotions
  • Training organizer must provide full email content in HTML or text (HTML content must be hosted on trainer's website)
  • Email must be appropriately targeted – trainer will determine the target audience for promotional emails.
  • Emails will only be sent to those users opted in to receive training related communications
  • actively limits the number and volume of messages delivered to users and message delivery for your session may be suppressed due to over delivery to that user segment.

  • will provide full e-commerce capabilities including credit card processing, paypal, skrill, wire transfers and will incur all associated processing costs. Cost of this service is the greater of $65 per session or a 10% fee on all payments processed.
  • Must have purchased a Basic Listing (see above).
  • will offer and take payment for published training sessions via Paypal, Skrill, Creditcard, Wire Transfer in multiple currencies.
  • will offer support for training payments, and process refunds as needed.
  • Trainers that purchase the e-commerce service will receive a 20% discount for email promotion pricing. Minimum of 3,000 emails.

Large volume discounts

Offer 1: $300 USD package
  • Includes 6 Basic Listings.
  • 5,000 targeted emails.

Offer 2: listing + email + e-commerce: $250 USD
  • Includes 6 Basic Listings.
  • 5,000 targeted emails.
  • E-commerce service for all training sessions.

Contact the training coordinator at [email protected] for more information about training advertisement.